When considering how we would design our loft ensuite in our new loft conversion, a few things were at the forefront – keeping it modern, minimalist and maximising the space we had. In general, London loft conversions do not offer the most space, and we needed the bathroom to make good use of the space which was allocated to it. In order to achieve this, our design included the following elements;

  • Slim Low Profile Shower Tray – this provides a seamless transition from floor to shower area creating an illusion of a larger floor space. I installed the Lusso Linear Stone Resin Low Profile Polished Shower Tray, with a very low 25mm profile, which can be found here.
Lusso Linear Stone Resin Low Profile Polished Shower Tray
  • Floor to Ceiling Glass Shower Screen – keeping it clean and simple, by creating a walk-in shower with no lines that detract from the room. We ordered a very large custom low-iron glass for the shower. My tip is to order low-iron glass as standard glass has a slight green tinge.
Low-Iron Glass vs Clear Glass
  • Wall Hung WC and Sink – this keeps these units off the floor, giving an illusion of more floor space. A wall hung WC also means the cistern is inbuilt into the wall, saving you space. My wall hung sink is also very narrow measuring 600mm x 310mm, which means it doesn’t jut out into the space. Wall hung furniture also has the added benefit of being very easy to clean. My Lusso Senza Wall Hung Rimless Toilet with Concealed Cistern Frame can be found here.
Lusso Senza Wall Hung Rimless Matte Toilet Concealed Cistern Frame and Chrome Flush Plate
  • Underfloor heating – easy and cost effective to install in a small space and heats the floor up quicky.
  • Install a Pocket Door – we put in a pocket door that slides back into the wall cavity, this means it won’t take up any precious floor space when open.
  • Shower and Bathroom Niches – we placed one in the shower for toiletries and one near the vanity. Niches are great in that you won’t require any additional shelving or cabinets, or use up any additional space as they use your existing wall cavity. We also used LED lighting in each niche to light up the area.
  • Bathroom Tiles – I went with the extra large Marmori Calacatta White Polished Tiles 1200 x 600mm from CTD Tiles which you can find here for the walls, with the matching Marmori Calacatta White Matt Tile 600 x 600mm on the floor as they are great anti-slip matt tiles, which you can find here. These marble effect porcelain tiles give a great modern look, provide consistency and have the luxe factor. Using the same tile on the wall and floor makes the ensuite appear larger. We also went to the ceiling to help maximize the height. I also matched the tile grout and silicone to the tiles with the help of the tile professionals at CTD who have a great range and can match these up for you in store.
Marmori Calacatta White Polished Tile from CTD
  • Mitred Edges – we went for a mitred edge, when a tile is cut at a 45 degree angle along the edge, essentially removing the ‘biscuit’ or underside of the tile. This gives a neat and clean finish to the corners, and means you won’t need additional edging. However, bear in mind not all tilers will do a mitred edge or may charge extra, so do your research.

If you have any questions on our ensuite renovation, do pop them down below.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma