Lux Mumma x SnuzPod4

The new SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib has just launched! My baby and I were delighted to have been asked to take part in this fantastic new product launch. We have been using the previous SnuzPod model since our son was born and are really enjoying using it, with our little one always having a great night’s sleep.

New SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib

So you can understand we were quite excited to find out an updated version was being released. We discovered the new SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib has so many new features including –

  • NEW ComfortAir breathable system to help regulate temperature for a good night’s sleep
  • NEW 3D breathable mattress included
  • NEW machine washable mesh liner

Not to mention, it also includes –

  • Gentle reflux incline option
  • Lightweight lift-off bassinet for use around the home
  • Fits more beds than any other traditional bedside crib
Credit: Snuz UK

I’ve linked the SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib HERE if you want to find out more. In the meantime do check out the new video featuring my baby and I as we showcase its new features. We had a such a great time on set and my little one, well he slept like a baby in the new SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib!

Kerstin // Lux Mumma