Elvie Electric Breast Pump: The Game Changer

I have been using the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump for a month now and wanted to share with you my thoughts. Prior to the Elvie breast pump, I was previously using the Medela Swing Flex Maxi Electric Breast Pump and will be using this model as a comparison point to the Elvie.

The main reason I really wanted to switch to the Elvie is that it is both wireless and tube free. When I say wireless I mean that you do not need to plug it into a wall socket to work. And tube free means that there are no tubes coming out of the unit to the base, which means that it is portable and allows me to be mobile while pumping.

One of the features which I really appreciate is that the Elvie is wearable as fits into a standard nursing bra – however bear in mind the unit is equivalent to a full C cup therefore I recommend using it with a seam free stretchy bra or wearing it with a bra that is a larger cup size than your own. The overriding benefit is that I can go about my normal routine and get things done without needing to be stationary compared to a traditional breast pump such as the Medela. When you have work commitments and other children to look after, this flexibility afforded by the Elvie is priceless.

The Elvie is also nearly completely silent, the only noise is a faint whirring as it pumps which is bearable audible. This is a game changer as many mums know the loud and pulsating noise normal breast pumps make when in action. The silence of the Elvie means that you can be pumping in a meeting, while shopping or when having coffee with friends, and this again allows you the flexibility and freedom to go about your day and pump in peace.

The unit is also quite lightweight and compact. It consists of the electric base unit or hub,which is charged by USB cable and this can be done from any device including your laptop or if out, a dual USB battery power pack, bear in mind the unit needs to be charged before you use it, the milk flask and nipple shields in two sizes. Everything apart from the electric base unit can be easily sterilised and is a hassle free process. I sterilize mine for about 5 minutes in my Tommee Teepee Bottle sterilizer.

Fitting the Elvie and ensuring it is correctly placed may be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it takes seconds to fit. My recommendation is to ensure you have the correct sized breast shield (the kit comes with two sizes) and ensuring the alignment of the nipple is straight and to follow the fit lines or markings on the shield. The video below also explains it really well.

The Elvie can also be connected to an app, which allows you to monitor your milk volume in real time and track your pumping history. The smart tech of the Elvie coupled with the app also allows you to control the pump remotely. It is easy and time effective to just place the pump in your nursing bra, turn it on and press ‘Play’ on the pump (or in the app) to start the pumping session. The device automatically switches from stimulation to expression mode and will stop pumping when the bottle is full. Bear in mind the Elvie can be used with or without the app, by simply pressing play on the base itself.

“Wearing the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump while doing work around the house – how amazing that I can actually be pumping milk while going about my everyday”

Also, one of the benefits of the app is that is allows you to personalise your experience from adjusting the brightness and saving your preferred intensity settings.

The Elvie can be purchased as single or double unit. I have the double and the box contains; 2 Hubs (pump mechanism), 4 Bottles (150ml/5oz), 4 Storage Lids, 2 Breast Shields (24mm), 2 Breast Shields (28mm), 4 Valves, 4 Spouts, 4 Seals, 4 Bra Adjusters, 2 USB Charging Cables and 2 Carry Bags.

“The very first session with the Elvie yielded a great output, approximately 60ml – very impressed.”

I understand from previous experiences by other mums using the Elvie, they have noted leakage occasionally and the pumping too gentle to fully drain the breast. I however, haven’t experienced any leaks with the pump, and I find the more gentle pumping motion preferable and I believe is also the reason why the unit is so discreet and silent – however the intensity can also be increased via the app or on the unit itself.

The Elvie does cost more than a standard breast pump such as the Medela Swing Flex Maxi Electric Breast Pump, and this is something to consider. While for me both breast pumps have the same amount of milk output in a single session, the game changer, and what you are paying for – is the freedom to be mobile and hands free. Overall given the flexibility of pumping on the go, it means that I am actually pumping more often than I usually would with a standard breast pump equating to more milk and the amount of tasks I can get done during this time using the Elvie makes the cost worth it.

The Elvie Double Electric breast Pump can be purchased HERE and the Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump can be purchased HERE. If you have any additional questions about the Elvie, or would like to share you experience, please pop them down below!

Kerstin // Lux Mumma

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