Certified Organic: Natmade – the new organic superstore

Becoming a new parent has made me more conscious of what I buy for both our pantry and also what we put on our skin. I now meticulously read over all the ingredients on every product I purchase and question ones which don’t sound natural. I also look for organic ingredients which are higher in nutritional value and more importantly, free from pesticides and fertilizers, the latter of which have been shown to have damaging effects on both adults and children.

However, buying a product labeled ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily mean just that. There are many labels haphazardly slapped on everyday products stating they are ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ and it leaves most people confused. What does it mean when a product is labelled as organic and how can we, as consumers, even attest to the validity of this claim?

When I came across Natmade, the UK’s first online superstore that only sells certified organic products, which go through an extensive vetting process before being sold, I was keen to find out more. The vetting process involves all products being certified by the Soil Association (UK), the USDA (USA), and the Ecoleaf (European Union) – a step usually missed by most other retailers.

Essentially, Natmade are a one-stop organic shop for the whole family, stocking carefully selected certified organic food, baby and kid essentials, vitamins and supplements. They do all the hard work in reading the backs of labels and researching ethical companies. Their home section also consists of eco-friendly products and they aim to source plastic free alternatives, which is a huge step in the right direction for responsible e-commerce and the health of the planet.

I thought I would share with you my top picks from their organic online store below.


Doves Farm Chocolate Stars (300g)

A great alternative to the artificial and sugary cereals on the market, as these are gluten free made from organically grown brown rice and maize grains. High in fibre, low in fat and are delicious!

Fruit Tree Blueberry Fruit Spread (250g)

Made from 100% organic blueberries, grown completely wild at high altitudes making them especially pure and tasty. Rich in anti-oxidants and with a rich tangy flavour, ideal on toast in the morning.

Just Wholefoods Organic Vegan Vegebears Slightly Sour

Made locally in the Cotswolds, these are a fantastic vegan treat with just the right amount of sourness. Made from organic plant-based ingredients, so no gelatin in sight.


Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

A fantastic alternative to apple cider vinegar shots, as these tasty gummies are so much better. They contain organic apples, beets and pomegranate and are filled with vitamins B9 and B12. Great for better digestion, blood flow, lowering cholesterol and promoting a healthier heart.

KIKI Organic Nature’s Living Superfood (150g)

A fantastic top up in order to meet your daily nutritional needs, this plant based vitamin is packed with probiotics and enzymes to help support digestive health.


Bioregena Organic Sunscreen Balm SPF50+ Face (40ml)

It is difficult to find both an organic and vegan sunscreen, Bioregena’s SPF 50+ Sun Balm delivers very high levels of protection for sensitive skin and is designed for the face and neck. An easy to apply lightweight non-greasy formula which is also waterproof. For the body, I ordered the Bioregena Organic Sun Spray SPF50 Adults (90ml) which is a great all natural spray, for year round protection and is easy to apply with its fast absorbing formula.

Fushi Organic Fresh-Pressed Camellia Oil (100ml)

This oil has high levels of Omega-9 which permeates into the deeper layers of the skin, to help with elasticity and keep skin supple. Ideal for reducing fine lines, stretch marks and acne scars. Also, a great hair mask, leave in overnight for best results.

Baby & Kids

Little Pasta Organics Gluten Free Mini Gnocchi (250g)

Delicious mini gnocchi for children, which is both gluten free and vegan, just add your own homemade pesto! Ready in two minutes and is the perfect quick family meal for busy parents.

Piccolo Chicken Stock Cubes (8g)

Stock is a great way to flavour most meals and it is convenient to find perfect sized organic stock cubes without the usual nasties. They are also low in salt, contain no palm oil and are dairy and gluten free.

Natmade are the first in the UK to only stock organic certified products and ship both to the UK and worldwide. Their online store can be found here.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on organic ingredients and products, do pop them down below!

Kerstin // Lux Mumma

*This is an honest review of Natmade.com in collaboration with Natmade.