Our new Lux Mumma series will feature inspirational lux mummas from across the globe. In this exciting series, I will find out a little more about inspirational women from various industries and backgrounds, entrepreneurs to CEOs, who all, also happen to be seriously luxe mothers.

In our second feature we chat to my good friend Hajira Rana, stylish mother and founder of the philanthropy focused group known as, Mums of Mayfair which also seeks to empower women through its exclusive and influential member base. When I first met Hajira, I was captured not only by her incredibly warm and engaging demeanour, but also by her classic modern style, which rivals Jackie Onassis when it comes to power colour-blocking. In order to find out a little more about Hajira, I asked her a host of questions, including more on her covetable wardrobe and her daughter’s chic mini style, favourite luxury travel destination and how Hajira manages to juggle motherhood and run the extraordinary network of women, Mums of Mayfair, at the same time. This is what she had to say.

What do you consider your biggest luxury?

As cliched as this may sound but the biggest luxury for me is time. I always knew I wanted to be a very hands on mother when my daughter was born and the fact that I have been able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest whilst pursuing my passions, has been the ultimate luxury. Having this perfect work-life balance and to be able to afford time with my family and still be the woman I am today, is simply priceless.

From your experience, tell us about your top family holiday destination, which is both child friendly and luxurious at the same time?

Travel can be quite a stressful experience for some families especially for those traveling with young children. My husband and I have ensured that any travel with our daughter, is travel that is comfortable. We simply don’t believe in holidays and being to places if we cannot eliminate the stress factor. My husband and I are extremely busy individuals, both professionally and personally, and therefore holidays are all about unwinding, recharging and coming back to normality with a fresh outlook. We have been fortunate enough to travel the world with our daughter where every experience has been a luxury. We like to do things out of the ordinary, and although we’re not big on beach breaks, we do like to explore new places and cultures. Some of our most memorable trips have been to Dubai, which is an emerging metropolis, full of culture, adventure , luxury and the one-stop-shop to keep the kids entertained. I would definitely recommend Dubai time and time again.

If we look inside your handbag, what would be the one luxe essential you always carry with you?

I always carry a Nars cuticle oil pen. My hands and nails are very weather prone so this is a must.

Name one baby or toddler essential you would recommend to other mums that you could not have lived without.

Hot Tot shampoo. My daughter has curly hair which is often hard to maintain especially as the water in London is very hard. I wanted an all-natural range which was sulphate and silicones free, and one that smelt good too. Hot Tot is not available in the UK and so every time we travel to New York, there is usually a bag full of shampoos to bring back home.

We love your style. What are your favourite brands to wear and buy for yourself? And for your daughter?

I have an evolving style which is very mood dependent. I do enjoy wearing clean crisp cuts that emphasise the curves and silhouette. Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, Alberta Ferretti, Ellery and Ralph & Russo are amongst my favourites. More recently, I am enjoying wearing brands that are gender-fluid in style, such as Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh line. (I am occasionally found raiding my husband’s wardrobe). I like wearing classic pant suits and anything that provides a sense of empowerment, control and fearlessness. My style is my armour, whether it’s me power dressing at work, or me at home with my daughter.

As for my daughter, it’s all about pretty dresses and casual weekend ensembles. Her closet is 70% Gucci, with some limited edition pieces from Dior. Dolce & Gabbana & Fendi are my go to brands for everyday wear. And I certainly enjoy pulling together mummy and daughter matching outfits and shoes now and then.

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind your philanthropy focused, exclusive club for lux mummas, known as Mums of Mayfair (MoM)?

Mums Of Mayfair (MoM) started off as a journey of self-discovery. Having taken a sabbatical from a long-term career in marketing, I wanted to find the balance between being a good mother to my daughter but at the same time, not lose who I was as an individual. MoM was set-up as a platform for like-minded women to share their experiences and voice their opinions on what the “modern” role of a woman means to them. MoM members donate their time, knowledge, professional experience, financial resources and ideas in order to be more informed and effective givers. Through exclusive partnerships with charities and luxury brands, MoM bridges the gap between women in need and women in a position to support them.

One of our recent projects in partnership with a charity called ickle pickles, invited a group of MoM’s to Whipps cross University Hospital to wish all the mothers in the neo-natal ward a Happy Mother’s Day and boost their spirits with generous gift donations from our brand partners. It has been a very educational and rewarding journey for me personally as I get to learn more and more about the challenges faced by women and how I can support them, not just financially but emotionally.

We admire how you have built an incredible network of mums while also raising your daughter – what is your attitude to juggling both roles?

Balance is the key here. I set priorities and my work schedule revolves around my daughters’ schedule. Everyone who knows me, knows to set-up a meeting between the hours of 1-3pm as that is the time my daughter is at nursery and I can concentrate on being a MoM. I also have a great partnership with my husband which makes it easier to have a social life.

And finally, what do you love most about being a mum, and what do you find the hardest?

The hardest and most enjoyable part of motherhood has been watching my daughter grow up. It’s a bitter sweet feeling. I want to freeze time and enjoy her being little for a little longer. And then I want to fast forward time and see her grow up fast so I can share more of this world, and my world with her.

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