Lux Mumma Series: Holly Anna Scarsella

Our new Lux Mumma series will feature inspirational lux mummas from across the globe. In this exciting series, I will find out a little more about inspirational women from various industries and backgrounds, entrepreneurs to CEOs, who all, also happen to be seriously luxe mothers.

In our first feature we chat to Holly Anna Scarsella, mother of two, founder and CEO of Pampelone Clothing and also on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list. When I first met Holly, she made being both a mother and CEO look effortless, and not to mention she now also has a gorgeous newborn baby. I was intrigued to find out more about the inspirational woman and mother, behind the hugely successful resort wear brand – which is available in 18 countries at 90 retailers. So I asked Holly a host of questions, from her advice on looking and feeling great as a new mum, luxury travel recommendations, lux mumma essentials and how Holly manages to juggle motherhood and run a company at the same time. This is what she had to say.

What do you consider your biggest luxury?

Travel. We do really invest in our holidays and weekends as a family. That quality time together making memories is just priceless so we try and do as often as we can and as well as we can.

Are there any tips you would give to new mums to look and more importantly, feel great?

Invest in your skincare. Not only do I feel like it actually improves your skin in general, but it also feels so luxurious and special to apply. Such a treat! My favourites are La Mer , Dr Sturm and Reviv.

Do you have a luxe mama essential you can’t live without?

I have two – 1. Elemis Night Revival Eye Cream. It’s a game changer for those tired under eye bags! 2. Elizabeth Scarlett pouches! They’re the chicest pouches around for all your essentials – and perfect size for nappies and wipes. 

What is your favourite destination and luxury hotel recommendation for families travelling with children?

Before having children, the idea of holidaying in Resorts was not my cup of tea. I would much prefer boutique style hotels in Capri, or the South of France. After having children, I now 100% see the benefits of resorts, however they have to be done in a certain way and feel luxury. My favourite is the Al Naseem in Dubai – it’s luxury but so child friendly. I’ve also spent a huge amount of my life growing up in the South of France and it’s a destination I absolutely love. There is so much to do and beautiful beach clubs to spend long, hot, summer days in. The best hotel is La Bastide de St Tropez which has great rooms, great service and shuttles to and from the beach.

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind your gorgeous clothing range, Pampelone?

PAMPELONE was born out of my upbringing in St Tropez on the French Riviera. I applauded the effortless style the women possessed, even if just wearing a simple linen dress from the market. This was the style I wanted to re-create. PAMPELONE is a collection of timeless classics to be worn on the beach or in the city alike.

We love the Pampelone mini-me collection, how did it come about?

Thank you! I have been a long supporter of the mothers2mothers charity who aim to eradicate the mother to child transmission of HIV in Sub Saharan Africa. The opportunity came about to collaborate with them, which coincided really well with me being pregnant with my first daughter so the mini-me collection could not have been more perfect. We have designed three of our best selling items in mini me versions and they’re so so cute!

As both a mother of two and CEO, what is the best advice you can give to other mums who juggle both roles?

Don’t try and be everything to everyone. Segregate your time so that when you’re with the children, you can 100% be focused on being a mum. And then your time working so that you’re then focused 100% on work and as productive as can be. The times I’ve tried to blur the two have ended up in me feeling like a bad mother for being so distracted, whilst not actually achieving anything at all.

And finally, what do you love most about being a mum, and what do you find the hardest?

Nothing beats being a mother. That overwhelming feeling of love is unbeatable, and my favourite part is watching my daughters grow day by day into the beautiful girls they are. The hardest is the realisation that everything we teach from the way we speak to them to the lessons learnt etc are shaping their futures. It’s just so daunting and you just want to get it right!

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Kerstin / Lux Mumma