Close to two years ago now, when we became parents for the first time; in the first couple of weeks we only used water applied with cotton pads on our daughter’s delicate skin as advised by our obstetrician at our hospital.

Then the time came to find a gentle and effective baby skincare regime to progress to and we became really proactive in ensuring we sourced a natural and chemical free range as her newborn skin was incredibly sensitive and much thinner than adult skin. At this early stage, skin is permeable, absorbing products applied to the skin much more readily.

Finding a product wasn’t an easy task, as most baby skincare ranges readily available on the high street purporting to be ‘natural’ were far from, and when I took a closer look and read the labels, they contained a list of nasties and toxic parabens.

We were relieved when we came across, Fifi & Friends – a British range of skin, hair and bath products specifically created for children and more so, safe to use from the newborn stage.

The products only contain natural ingredients, including organic almond, avocado and coconut oil, aloe vera and sweet almond oil. Because they are all natural, they don’t contain any nasties such as parabens, sulphates, silicones or synthetic colours.

However, being ‘free from’ and ‘all natural’ isn’t good enough on its own, as it is always important to me to ensure that any ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced, because what good is a natural product if there are negative social or environmental impacts. I was impressed that Fifi & Friends as a brand has a strong socially responsible corporate ethos, sources its ingredients sustainably and is committed to recyclable packaging, biodegradable wipes and stands against animal testing.

After using the range for close two years on our daughter’s delicate skin, the results have been great and we’ve been lucky enough never to have faced any skin issues.

We use the natural products daily and I thought I would share our five favourite products from the Fifi & Friends range with you.

SUPER SOFT BABY WASH / 250ml £8.00

The one essential I would recommend every parent include in their baby’s bath routine – gentle yet effective, a great all-round cleansing wash. The main ingredient is nourishing aloe vera which means you don’t necessarily have to apply a moisturiser afterwards as this gentle wash restores moisture to the skin. The Super Soft Baby Wash gentle no tears formula, means you won’t need to worry if it accidentally gets into your child’s eyes during bath time either.

BABY FACE MILK / 50ml £7.00

We started using this product recently and it is fantastic. Infused with almond oil, it gently hydrates Ava’s skin and is perfect all year round, offering much needed moisture in summer to hydration in the cooler months. The Baby Face Milk was especially useful after being outside on windy days and has been fantastic post swimming to combat the drying effects from pool chlorine. Very easy to use, just massage gently into clean dry skin until absorbed.


When Ava wakes up in the morning, her hair is a little dishevelled. To tame her mane and to help brush out any knots, I use 2-3 sprays of the Conditioning De-Tangling Spray and then gently brush it out. The result is silky knot free hair which can be easily styled into pony tails or left natural. The smell is really lovely too and is contains nourishing aloe vera. Ava loves it too and often will continue brushing her hair on her own after we’re well and truly done.

100% ORGANIC CLEANSING WIPES / 72 wipes £5.00

The Organic Cleansing Wipes are particularly great when on the go out and about and also come in a handy pouch which you can attach to your pram or baby bag. This saves you from rummaging around trying to locate your wipes on the run. They also come in a travel size of 32 wipes which are ideal when on holiday. They are moisturising and also 100% biodegradable. We never leave home without them.


Fortunately, Ava has not yet had nappy rash and it may be due to the organic coconut oil in the Daily Bottom Butter. I apply this after her bath on clean dry skin and it absorbs quickly. It provides 24 hour protection and is a fantastic size to pop into your changing bag too.

I have linked my earlier Q&A with Fifi & Friends founder and lux mumma, Tamara Ecclestone and the reasons why she started Fifi & Friends, linked here.

Because I love these products so much, I am delighted to share a special code which gives my followers 20% off all gift sets from the Fifi & Friends range, use LUXMUMMA20 at checkout before 31/04/19 to redeem online* and shipping is available worldwide.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma

*Please note this excludes any mini’s, as well as the bundle wipes, and can’t be used in conjunction with any other discount.