The great thing about living in London is the  abundance of events and sights to take in, from spending the day at the Natural History Museum to wandering around London Borough Markets. However, as with most busy and bustling cities, they are also filled with narrow streets, congested roads and busy transport routes and not a whole lot of space.

Therefore it made perfect sense that I started looking for a city stroller and one that also doubles up as a compact travel stroller. So how does a city/travel stroller differ from an average stroller? Well the main point of difference is that these strollers are smaller, less bulky, narrow, lightweight and easily collapsible so they can be carried. In my experience,  I find having both a larger stroller and a city/travel stroller is a great combination and allows greater flexibility.

When Cybex asked me to honestly review their new Eezy S Twist, I was delighted too however I didn’t think that it would rival the existing city and travel stroller I was using which is the Babyzen YoYo+. However, my opinion did change after pushing it around central London for a couple of weeks and taking it on a recent trip to Croatia, afterwhich I can safely say it is a serious contender to the popular Babyzen Yoyo+ and I’ll explain why.

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First of all, the point of difference is its title, the twist. The Eezy S Twist is unique in that the seat rotates 360 degrees each way and can be turned with one hand. This is particularly useful if you are catching public transport such as the tube and need to turn the seat towards you when your child is on the train or even bus, and then back outwards when on the street. Bear in mind that your child needs to be out of the seat in order to turn it.


The seat position does recline with a simple adjustable strap at the back of the seat and it does go into a flat position for a sleeping which is great.

The frame also collapses quite easily with a one hand operation in two movements. The moving mechanisms are white and easily visible when collapsing the stroller. This is a real time saver when boarding a plane, and as an added bonus the stroller also fits into the overhead compartment of most airlines. We flew with both Jet2 and EasyJet and both these airlines allowed us to take the Eezy S Twist on board the plane and store in the overhead compartment.

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The stroller also folds up quite compact and can be carried with one hand. The wheels, have a full suspension system which I like as you can take the pram over cobblestones in central London or an old town while on holiday. I found this has made a huge difference to the movement and jiggling of Ava while in the stroller. In comparison to the YoYo+, the suspension was superior with the Eezy S Twist and a smoother ride all around as the bumps were absorbed.

However there are a few cons which sees the YoYo+ perform slightly better. The stroller comes with a rain cover however there is no travel bag as this needs to be purchased separately, unlike with the Yoyo where this travel bag comes as standard. Another difference is that the hood on the Eezy S Twist does not have a peep hole compared to the YoYo+, so I did need to fold up the hood to check on Ava at times. I also found there was no shoulder strap to carry the stroller as the handle is integrated when folded, I personally prefer a shoulder strap as with the Yoyo and this would have really helped when travelling.


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I’ve included a comparison table below between the two strollers to highlight their differences:


The Eezy S Twist also retails for approximately £100 less than the Yoyo+ making it a very attractive price point for the features you are receiving. Although I do believe small improvements can be made like including the travel bag as standard, including a see through viewing pane on the hood and also the introduction of a shoulder strap over the integrated handle design (although that is my personal preference). Overall the Cybex Eezy S Twist is a serious contender with its price point, 360 degree twist seat, superior suspension and is a fantastic all over city and travel pram. Ava and I also had the opportunity to race around London with the new Cybex Eezy S Twist and you can check out our race here! The Cybex Eezy S Twist in blue denim which we have and is pictured, is exclusive to John Lewis and can be purchased here.

If you have any additional comments or questions do pop them down below and I will answer them!

*This post is a honest review of the Cybex Eezy S Twist written in collaboration with Cybex.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma