As time has absolutely flown by and Ava is now one, we are in the process of updating her nursery and I am hoping to create a light and bright space in neutral whites and greys for her to relax and play in. So I thought I would share a few pieces we really love so far and work well in her special space.

Stokke Sleepi Crib

The Stokke Sleepi is a clever crib which is very versatile in that it changes with your baby as they grow.  This essentially means you can use it from birth to until your child turns ten, with the crib conversation kits. The unit starts off as a small round mini cot/bassinet, then to a crib, and easily converts to a longer crib and finally to a bed, as seen in the images above.

The mattress board can also be adjusted depending on your child’s height. It is very quick to assemble and the mattress is comfortable, as our daughter sleeps well on it. We purchased a drape rod and canopy, mainly to hang a mobile over the crib. The crib is also on wheels to move around easily, and it is very light. I am also a fan of the rounder oval shape which sets it apart from other cribs on the market which are usually square in shape.

I appreciate the functionality and versatility, and this also means a slight saving as we are only investing in the one unit with conversion kits up until the age of 10 rather then buying a new cot and bed. However my one and only small reservation, is that I do wish the screws were not a dark metal colour but also white to blend in with the white wood. The Stokke Sleepi Crib Bed comes in three finishes white, natural or hazy grey and can be found here.


Cam Cam Grey Cotton Fabric Low Pouf

This neutral grey low pouf matches our existing nursery armchair, creating a lovely chair and foot rest duo. It is also the perfect size for Ava to sit on and crawl over. The pattern matches our Cam Cam signature rose baby quilt, which I used to take Ava’s monthly flower photos on and now use as a play mat. The pouf is made of coated, organic cotton in order to make it dirt repellent. I have a few pieces from this brand which I really like, as Cam Cam Copenhagen have a strong CSR focus on sustainably sourced and organically grown fabric and materials. The low pouf is available in two neutral colours (Rose or Grey) and can be found here.

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Cam Cam Baby Bedding and Crib Bumper

As with other parents, I am also into organic cotton as the crops aren’t treated with pesticides and other chemicals, and was happy when I came across the organic neutral grey weave cotton bedding set from Cam Cam. The 100% organic sateen-weave cotton grey bedding is soft, has zippers to close and washes well. It also comes in a matching drawstring bag which is handy for travelling or if you want to take it away with you.

I chose a super thick and soft crib bumper that tied on to my curved Stokke Sleepi with a slight dot pattern to compliment the bed set. The dot creme grey bumper is also made from organic cotton, and fits a standard baby cot of 120cm x 60cm. It is easy to attach with ribbons which you tie in place along the slats. It is slightly longer then my current Stokke Sleepi configuration however it will grow with the cot when I extend it. The Cam Cam crib bumper can be found here and the bedding set here.

Soft Floor Play Area

Soft play floors are hugely popular and our white soft floor is made from EVA foam which is non-toxic. These floor tiles are very easy to put together and can be placed over any floor surface for play time. Particularly good for practicing roll over, crawling and walking on, as the falls, at least with Ava, are cushioned. I do have an issue however with that it is moves ever so slightly out of place with movement, although it may benefit from a non slip backing.


Happy Decs Wall Decals

Removal wall decals are handy as you can change them as you please and they are very easy to take off without damaging your walls or paintwork. These little bows are made from hand drawn sketches by the mega talented and lovely mum Nicola from Happy Decs. I love the bows as I wanted something girly. I selected the grey and gold as my two contrasting colours.  A wide range of decals from dots to bows are available at Happy Decs online.

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Lala Mini Pom Pom Mobile and Cam Cam Peacock Lullaby Mobile

I was after a neutral and light mobile, and this was pom pom mobile in white was perfect. This soft round mobile is gorgeous and keeps Ava entertained before she goes to sleep and also when she wakes up. It is handmade in Norway by the talented Elin Marie at Lala Mini and we also have the matching pom pom garland. As they are handmade, they can also be customised to suit your nursery’s colour scheme. All of the wonderful mobiles and garlands can be found here.

I love this musical mobile and it is great for nap time. If you pull the cord, it plays a lullaby and can attach anywhere really, from the side of the crib, hung on the wall or use as a traditional mobile. It is also made from 100% organic cotton and is delicately embroidered. Surprisingly each one is handmade, which means it is designed to be a heirloom piece. It also comes in a beautifully presented box and can be found here.

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Bambi Hand Painted Artwork and Deer Wall Mount

Ava is a little art connoisseur and has already commissioned her first piece. These gorgeous ballet slippers were hand painted by the very talented Jess from Bambi who specialises in bespoke artwork right from her Bondi studio in Australia and ships all over the world. Check out her amazing artwork here.


This cute little deer wall mount is from Amazon. It looked so dreamy and cute online and didn’t disappoint in person. Easy to install as it hangs from a hook at the back and is made from a cream linen.

I’ll share some more pictures when her nursery is complete. In the meantime, I’d be happy if you also shared some of your favourite pieces from your own nursery in the comments below!

Kerstin // Lux Mumma