Since becoming a mum, everything I wear has a certain level of comfort as I am constantly on the go with a new baby. Now that my feet have somehow managed to return back to their pre-pregnancy size, I am always on the look out for comfortable stilettos. This essentially means, heels which I can wear all day or night, and don’t end up with me limping around in agony after a couple of hours. After scouring the high street, I found this request was very much a tall order, unless I was prepared to go for heels that had a slightly orthopedic feel, which is not really my style!

That was until I stumbled across Sargossa created by Nanna Liv. If you consider their mission statement, the collection was created after years of extensive research by qualified foot surgeons and engineers who looked at the issues and nuances of heel wear and how to achieve symmetry between the perfect heel height and comfort. And in turn, they haven’t seemed to sacrifice style or edge. So when I had a look at the AW17 collection I was very eager to try them for myself.

“Stiletto designers have historically been men, and they have not had to walk in them, which shows! Its assumed that women will blindly accept the saying ‘No pain, no gain’ and I wanted to put and end to that” – Nanna Liv


When a pair of Dare Brown Stilettos in suede with gold hardware arrived following London Fashion Week, I was in love with both the style, look and craftsmanship. The fact I can coordinate these stilettos with both jeans or a cocktail dress make them versatile and perfect for Autumn/Winter. Although I was at first rather doubtful, as some brands promise the earth with regards to comfort and then after a couple of hours I am hobbling in pain reaching for the Compeed blister band-aids.

However after spending the entire day out and about with my baby, I was pleasantly surprised as these Sargossa heels exceeded all my expectations. Firstly, comfort is in the design, my heels have inbuilt cushion pads in the soles and the suede material was very soft and fitted my foot perfectly. Secondly the heel size gave me just the right amount of height I needed without being too excessively high and it was very comfortable to walk around in. And as a little sweet side note, each sole has a motivating message engraved on it, mine is ‘Be a warrior, not a worrier’.

After reviewing these stilettos and wearing them without one issue, I can safely say this is one brand which I can not wait to wear more of in the future and am already eyeing my next pair of black buckle ankle boots for winter.

*This post was written in collaboration with Sargossa.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma