Celebrating Baby Milestones in the First Year


During the first year, there are many brilliant and creative ways to capture and celebrate your baby turning one month older and Instagram is awash with inspiration! So when our baby girl’s first month milestone came around, I decided to celebrate with a floral arrangement in the number representing her month.



This floral arrangement has now become a tradition, and every month on her birth date anniversary I make my way to the local flower markets in London and pick up the freshest and brightest seasonal blooms and spend the better half of a morning fashioning a number. At the beginning it took me a while to get it right, however now we are up to month four, so I have gotten a little better at it.



The next step is finding a lovely outfit for Ava to wear, and I really enjoy putting it together to compliment the flowers. We then snap a couple of photos and I try and pick the one where she is giggling or has a cute little smile. She often looks at me quizzingly as if to say, what are you up to mum?



Looking back at each milestone so far, it’s a wonderful way to track how she has grown, and they do regrettably grow up very quickly in the first year. I also try and capture her first moments with our Joules Baby Milestone cards, which include everything from crawling for the first time to sleeping through the night. I can’t wait until we reach the ‘My First Word Was…’ milestone card as I am almost sure it will be mumma!




Next month we are set to do our fifth month, and it looks like lilies are in season. I am hoping these milestone photos are something she will be able to cherish when she is older and look back on with joy.

*This post was written in collaboration with Joules.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma



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