I recently had the pleasure of attending the Nurturing Mums postnatal course held in Blackheath, London over the past five weeks and have been blown away by the advice I received, and not to mention the fun I had along the way and the lovely mothers I met and still keep in contact with. Before the joining the course, I didn’t really understand the value of attending these type of classes until I was actually in the middle of it all.

For example, the social aspect of interacting and making friends with other mums who have babies of the same age, having my numerous ‘is this normal? or ‘am I doing it right?’ questions answered, learning about my baby’s development week by week and picking up some great new skills along the way, like sleeping and first aid tips.

It was also fun for my baby girl Ava, who got to meet other babies of the same age while I chatted to their mums, so really it was a great experience for her and as well as me, as sometimes post pregnancy you can get stuck in a bubble at home and find it hard to get out and meet new mums.

The Nurturing Mums function space at Montpelier’s Cafe

The Nurturing Mums postnatal course pushes you gently out of that bubble into a lovely world of mummy meet ups, puts you face to face with industry experts and is a non judgmental place to have your questions answered, no matter how silly they may be! The course runs for one hour once every five weeks at a local café depending in which area you live in. The bonus of it running in a café is that you can socialise with the other mums afterwards over some lunch. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to cover in each of the weeks:

Week 1: Mummies Meet and Greet

We introduced ourselves and our babies, swapped birth stories, discussed how we were feeding; breast, bottle or both, our first few weeks at home, difficulties we may have had and also what we were hoping to get out of the course. We also received a goody bag with treats and local discounts like a free baby music class, a huge discount for a beauty service that comes to you, raw carrot & cinnamon museli and other edible treats (yum!), lotions and baby wash, and a Mori organic cotton and bamboo baby blanket just to mention a few (the bag totals over £75)! A professional photographer was also on hand to take a photo of each of the mums and their babies to email to us later on.

PicMonkey Collage
Just a couple of the amazing items in the complimentary goody bag!

Week 2: Baby Sleep and Routines

This was my favourite week, and as we had a smaller group I received some really insightful one on one advice from the amazing sleeping consultant, Kerry Secker from Kerry Cares Parenting. Kerry also took the time to listen to Ava’s current sleeping routine and relay her thoughts and give me advice on what to expect in the month’s ahead. Ava sleeps much better now and takes longer naps during the day as I can recognise her sleeping cues.

Week 3: First Aid

Eva Levinson from And Chillax, who is a fully qualified first aid expert covered basic principles of CPR, how to deal with choking and burns as well as other emergency scenarios which may arise with a new baby. This advice is important because as a new mum, it is always good to be prepared in the event of hopefully an unlikely emergency.

Week 4: Introduction and Weaning

Baby weaning expert Zoe Hill from Zoe Hill Nutrition joined us to discuss how to introduce our babies to solids for the first time, which foods to prepare and how to feed our babies, foods to avoid and the progression of weaning as our babies get older. Zoe also answered any specific questions we had particularly with regards to diet and allergies.

Week 5: Baby Development

Vicki and Laura from Hartbeeps ran the baby development class creating a space for mums and babies to enjoy fun playtime together through baby sensory. They create multi-sensory and highly interactive musical fun for babies with shakers, lighting effects, instruments, bubbles and other innovative multi-sensory techniques to create a tactile wonderland.

Hartbeets in action at Northcote Road
Hartbeets in action at Northcote Road Nurturing Mums

After the course ends, we can also choose to have continued support from Wellvine for up to 2 months from the end date so we can benefit from a one on one video call with either their sleep or weaning experts following the course.

The main reason I loved this course was that whilst the classes were still structured, they were more relaxed rather then being too regimented. The instructors were friendly and non judgmental in their delivery, which for me is the winning aspect of this course. The guest speakers each week were very knowledgeable (and qualified) in their respective fields and took a genuine interest in each baby and any concerns the mums had, and I had the opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted. I honestly wish it ran for another five weeks!

For those in London, this five week course costs £125 and next one runs from late October/November which mums can book online and is held at various locations across London. If you don’t live near a location close to their venues, they also have a Nurturing Mums online store with everything from health and wellness products to gorgeous accessories for mum and baby alike.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma

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Just some of the gorgeous goodies from The Nurturing Mums Store