I spent as much time as I could circumventing my duties when it came to packing my hospital bag as I was a little unsure of where to start. As this is our first baby, I had the overarching belief I would fail to pack something extremely important and then receive a look of disdain from hospital staff at my inability to plan ahead. It was only when a concerned husband looked at me one night and said quite rightly ‘I’m not really sure what to take with us if you happen to go into labour right now?’ which is a fair question as I am in my final month, I begrudgingly resigned to the fact it was finally time to pack the bag.

My husband agreed to help me pack after I relayed to him a team effort would be very much appreciated. A very valuable tip given to me by a midwife is to make sure your husband or partner packs this bag with you because he/she will be the one reaching for the various items from it when you are in the throes of labour.


One Suitcase, a Baby Bag and Car Seat

I decided to pack one cabin sized roller suitcase and used my baby bag for the baby’s clothes and items. The cabin sized roller suitcase fits in all my mumma to be items and husband’s bits and bobs. I also wanted to divide the adult clothes from the baby items as I have washed them in a special non-bio washing detergent for sensitive baby skin. The benefit of the roller suitcase is that it is easy for husband to roll around, put in the back of taxi or hire car and has plenty of room for all our various items.

Even though we do not own a car as we live in central London, and mostly get around by tube and hire cars, we wanted to invest in a car seat for our piece of mind in transporting our baby home from the hospital. It is also important to note that a car seat is required by law in the UK  in most circumstances, unless an exemption is permitted, when transporting a baby home from the hospital.

The added value of the car seat we purchased means it is adaptable to our pram, and if we go out on an excursion or to dinner as a party of three, we can just take the car seat and pram frame. This way we can travel by car at a moment’s notice, which is very handy as it is not always possible to catch public transport in the evenings or to certain parts of London.

The Hospital Bag List

My hospital has given me a checklist as a good head start which I have referred too, most hospitals have this list at the ready for new parents.  The first things I packed (or should I say the first things I passed over to husband who then packed it away) were:


My hospital will provide nappies and formula milk (if required) therefore I am not packing these, but you should check with your hospital on what they do actually provide so you do not pack items unnecessarily.

Now for my husband and I, this was a little easier as I had a fair idea of what I needed to pack and my husband only needed a change of clothes. Bearing this in mind, we packed the following items:

Mum to Be

Dad to Be

Additional Extras

Surprisingly given the amount of items on the list, all of the above fits into my one cabin bag and one baby bag which are now neatly packed and ready to go next to the front door. I’ve placed my hospital notes, birth plan on top and also highlighted the 24 hour labour ward telephone number for my husband for when contractions set in. It is no surprise he seems to be appeased now and much more relaxed as mission hospital bag is now well and truly complete.

Kerstin // Lux Mumma