As this is our first baby, my husband and I were initially a little confused as to which pram we should choose. The complex world of perambulators (which I discovered is the uber posh term for a four wheeled baby carrying buggy) was tough to navigate and we really didn’t know where to start. In light of this, and after going through the process of choosing our bub’s pram, the best advice I can recommend to any new parent, is to write down a list of your ideal specs and what you would like your baby mover to do, for example, your preferred functionality features, overall look and design, ease of compactness if continually transporting in a car and where you are going to use it most (city or country terrains).

As we are currently living the city life in a London high-rise apartment, our wish list included the following:

  • A pram we will primarily be able to use on city and local park terrains
  • A light frame which is easy to manoeuvre, lift and collapse
  • Roomy under basket for shopping and random baby item storage
  • A neutral aesthetic and classic design which will ideally not date quickly

After some online research and perusing various parenting blog reviews, I narrowed it down to four striking yet functional prams that matched our criteria.

Mima Xari


The Egg


Bugaboo Cameleon³


Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory 160531-4044 Grey Melange new wheels 2016_29418

With my list in tow, I headed down to my nearest retailer (and one that stocked all four prams) to test each buggy out, very similar to a new car test drive if you can imagine. I discovered this was the best way to get a feel for the pram, how it works, what is looks like in real life and also how easy it is too steer. Bear in mind that each pram listed above has its own merits and may have specific features which work for different families, however after testing each of the prams, the Bugaboo Cameleon³ pram stood out for us, for the following key reasons:

  • Super light frame
  • Great range of inclusions as standard
  • Easy to push on footpaths or go all terrain
  • Easy to collapse
  • Huge under carriage basket for storage
  • Functionality worked really well
  • Look was classic and neutral
  • Faux leather used (great cruelty free ethos)

The store let me push each of the prams out on their front footpath and I also give them a whirl up and down the stairs, which I looked rather silly doing as I didn’t know you need to do this backwards (yes first time mumma woes). The main reasons we didn’t go with the other three prams varied.

Stokke Xplory – I am not a tall person and unfortunately this pram was too high for me. I couldn’t adjust it to my height even after playing around with it and resigned to the fact it is made for tall glamazonian sized mummas.

The Egg – the shape and look was great however the weight was not. The Egg weighed a whooping 13.4 kgs compared to the Bugaboo Cameleon³’s 9.6 kgs. It was too heavy for me to lift in the event I need to put it in the back of a taxi or uber. Also the amount of work that needed to go into collapsing the pram to put in the back of a car was too much. The steering was a little difficult as well and corners needed a wider turning circle.

Mima Xari – head turning looks and a unique design however there was minimal storage under the pram. So small was the storage space beneath the pram, I anticipated could not fit much in there in the event I need to grab some items for dinner and also the frame was too heavy as with The Egg, weighing in at 11.7 kg with carrycot and up to 13.4 kg with the seat. Due to the extra weight, steering also required more effort and muscle power.

At the last minute, the sales representative also recommended the Bugaboo Bee as an alternative to the Cameleon³, which we hadn’t considered initially. The Bee, which is the smallest pram in the Bugaboo range and ideal for cities proved to be petite and compact however in the end we decided it was just that little bit too small for us. We went with the Cameleon³ primarily due to its size and functionality, for example it has an adjustable suspension system which means we can take it from sand, snow, wood or city terrain seamlessly. It is also adaptable from newborn to toddler, has a reversible and reclinable seat and the whole thing can be taken apart so the fabric pieces can be put in the wash.

The Cameleon³ also has a limited Classic Collection edition release which we liked, as pictured in the four colours below, and after some debate we choose the grey mélange with cream quilted interior, this is a little different from the standard Cameleon³  which does not have the same thicker fabric and interior quilting.

Cameleon³ Classic + Collection

bgb-classic-collection-4x-leather-hb-662pxThe following nine items come included as standard with the package (in your matching fabric):


Lastly, and I mean honestly which parents couldn’t resist customising their pram, we opted to buy a few accessories in addition such as the Reversible Wool Liner, Cup Holder and Foot Muff.

PicMonkey Collage

A great feature is that the Bugaboo website has a customised online builder where you can choose frame colours, fabrics and accessories and build your pram from scratch instantly. This was really handy and quite fun to use, albeit perhaps it was because I did win when it came to our colour selection and felt a tad remorseful when I saw husband’s forlorn face because he didn’t get to choose the Diesel denim edition.

We also were lucky enough to stumble across this adorable toy accessory from JBee Handmade with Love, a small local business which ships worldwide, and makes custom baby toys to suit your pram and changing bag colour scheme, we love the personalised touch. A bonus is that it also turns into a teether when baby gets a little older.


All in all, it took us a couple of months to make a decision, and after all the research and leg work, I am very happy with our purchase and feel that the 2+1 year extra Bugaboo warranty will prove useful and add to the pram’s longevity so we can use it for many years to come. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and hopefully I can help answer it. Happy pram shopping!

Kerstin // Lux Mumma